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Your childhood memories of skipping and jumping don’t have to be just memories.  Just like younger-looking skin isn’t just for the young.  An award-winning nutritional complex with patented Liquid BioCell™, Jusuru Life Blend promotes healthy aging, active joints and younger-looking skin.

Improves Joint Mobility
by reducing stiffness/discomfort, regenerating cartilage, connective tissue, and synovial fluids.

Improves Skin Tone
by increasing collagen, reducing wrinkles/fine lines; improving elasticity and skin hydration.

A great-tasting liquid antioxidant, Jusuru Life Blend is also loaded with 13 potent superfruits and resveratrol (widely studied for its anti-inflammatory /cardiovascular benefits).
Relive Those Youthful Memories!
Why Is Art and Soul Selling Jusuru?
by Regina Gailani, Owner

My first experience with Jusuru was personal.  Desperate to get-off the pain killers from my recent knee replacement (and to avoid more knee surgery), I purchased Jusuru to help with my recuperation.    Within two months, the pain was manageable (even with the grueling physical therapy) and I weaned myself to over-the-counter pain relievers.  My husband was the first to notice my improved mood as my post-surgical depression lifted.  Over the next two months, my focus and concentration also improved.  I was eager to return to my gift and home boutique.

I didn’t immediately realize the skin benefits until a store customer asked me if I was pregnant.  She said that my skin was “glowing”.  I felt invigorated and attractive for the first time in a very long while.  Because of my clumsy weak joints, I realized that Jusuru was going to be a lifelong companion (instead of crutches or a wheelchair).

In historic downtown Vicksburg, all of your customers know your business.  They also know your personal business.  Once I could validate my positive experience with Jusuru, I wanted to share this great product with family and friends.  Actually, they came to me first.  They had already seen the changes.  At 51 years old, I don’t act or look my age.  And you shouldn’t either.

Jusuru is a personal investment.  An investment paid by fewer trips to the doctor, fewer medications and vitamin/mineral supplements, and fewer lost opportunities.   What value do you place on feeling good? 

What is Liquid BioCell?
I discovered Liquid BioCell in 2010 when a dear friend shared this incredible product with me. She knows I am a scientist first and foremost, and provided all the research. I soon realized that Liquid BioCell was a unique nutraceutical that provides a potent dose of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate in a natural matrix that is clinically shown to replenish these vital components of joints and skin.

We start to age on the day of our birth. As we age, the catabolic (breakdown) pathways go faster than the anabolic (buildup) pathways. The whole body is affected by years of living in an oxygen-rich environment with every day wear and tear on the cells of the body, from joints to bones, to muscle to skin. We all age, but can it be done gracefully? When the joints start to ache, the skin begins to sag and wrinkle, and the fat moves around to places you never imagined, then a person seeks ways to slow down the aging process.

Liquid BioCell provides the building blocks that can speed the build-up processes and possibly slow the degeneration and aging processes. For example, HA has been shown in research to block the degrading enzyme, hyaluronidase.

What happens as we age?
Every cell in our body undergoes changes with time. Subcutaneous fat and moisture decreases. Pigmentation declines and age spots show up. Healing takes longer, elasticity of cells decreases, and circulation declines. The heart increases in size and the arteries stiffen. Strength, flexibility, and height decrease. The metabolism slows and it takes longer to recover from illnesses.

Obviously, taking good care of the body can slow these processes. We are what we eat, so good quality food, appropriate exercise, and optimal supplements can benefit the body as we age.

Unfortunately, everyone will experience some of the changes associated with aging at some point. Liquid BioCell is an ideal recommendation for helping slow the aging process. It is a natural, clinically-tested, great tasting, highly absorbable source of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate that has been shown to help restore skin and joint health.

In addition to it's benefits for joint and skin health, Liquid BioCell contains 13 superfruits, and resveratrol in the equivalent of eight bottles of red wine in a daily dose. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of this delicious delivery system add additional benefit to the product. Numerous studies have been done and continue to be conducted on the benefits of resveratrol. Resveratrol has been shown to have a preventive effect in obesity, cardiovascular health and brain health. Furthermore, it is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, which can counter the effects of unwanted chronic inflammation in the body. The superfruits give Liquid BioCell a delicious taste and provide additional anti-inflammatory benefit, as well as the ability to neutralize free radicals that are associated with aging and cell damage.

As a daily supplement, Liquid BioCell can provide a three way defense (collagen matrix, resveratrol, and antioxidant superfruits) in the repair, maintenance, and regeneration of skin and joints. I use Liquid BioCell, my whole family uses it, and I recommend it in my practice.

Is the source better than all the other collagens on the market?
I consider Liquid BioCell to be the premiere source of collagen, as it is the only collagen to have scientifically-tested effectiveness. It is in a naturally occurring matrix, in a highly absorbable form. It is manufactured exclusively in the United States in a NPA, NSF, cGMP certified facility. The corporation is debt free, and they own the exclusive patents to this product. Liquid BioCell is one of a kind in it's class.
Dr. Lisa DeRosimo is a graduate of UCLA, Cornell University, and the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine.  Dr. Lisa has concentrated her education and practice on  the study of the causes, treatment, and prevention of obesity. She has been assisting patients since 1999 and is well-respected as a leader in her field. She has authored numerous publications and research studies, has won multiple national awards, and serves her community with a focus on weight management and wellness in her practice.
Informational Meetings
Join us the first Thursday of every month at Art and Soul so we can track your progress on Jusuru and/or Kangen Water!
For first-timers, these free casual meetings also offer samples and detailed information.

Next Meetings (5-7p):
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13 Superfruits
Apple Juice*
Grape Juice*
Strawberry Juice*
Mangosteen Fruit & Extract
Cranberry Juice*
Blueberry Juice*
Acai Berry Extract*
Pomegranate Juice*
Lycium Fruit Extract*
Jujube Fruit*
Noni Fruit*
Maqui Berry*
Prickly Pear Extract*
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How Much Does Jusuru Life Blend Cost?
If you were to replicate the individual ingredients in Jusuru Life Blend, you would be paying a great deal more per month than for Jusuru.  Disclaimer:  this comparison is not a mg. per mg. comparison of what is listed below and the Jusuru proprietary blend.

* based on 30 day supply
** not listed on bottle
Art and Soul “Preferred Customers” may purchase Jusuru by the bottle (-15% off retail) at the store.  Your best price per bottle (-33% off retail) is available when you sign-up for convenient monthly autoship to the location of your choice (work, home, etc.).  Just supply Jusuru with your preference of credit card or bank account number for pre-determined monthly autodrafts.

Daily Dosage:
2 ounces, twice daily (time-released formula;  once in morning/
again in evening), or
4 tablespoons twice daily or ¼ cup twice daily

One Jusuru bottle
25 ounces, or 12.5 individual servings.
One bottle equals
approximately six
days worth of
two daily servings
(40 calories per serving).

Please note that there is a nominal one-time fee of $39.95 ($20 annual fee after that) when you sign-up for autoship.

Be Your Own Boss.
Sell Jusuru!
Interested in receiving your product at no charge?  Sign-up as an autoship “Business Builder”.  Enroll three people with monthly autoships and your personal product is free the next month; enroll one person per month afterwards and your personal product will continue to be free!

As a business builder, you’re also eligible for commissions, bonuses, specials, and free product.  It’s easy to sell Jusuru, just mention the personal health benefits you received as a result of drinking this great-tasting liquid antioxidant.

How Can I Save With Autoship?